Howes Natural Health provides patient centered, individualized healthcare. We focus on the root cause of disease, prevention and optimal wellness in an unbiased environment.

We’re here and ready to help get your health journey started!

New Clients

Educating you about your health and giving you health autonomy is paramount to your success.

During your first office visit we’ll spend 90 minutes discussing your chief complaint, a thorough health history, review your concerns and goals, and create an individualized health plan. Understanding the depths of your story allows us to better determine the root cause of your illness and develop a plan that will work for you and your lifestyle.

We provide information to help balance your body systems, knowing that true health comes from the commitment you put in and the body itself. To get started, we’ll ask you to provide some details on the following forms.

New Client Paperwork

Naturopathic Intake 

Wellness Consent

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